The Best Volleyball Practice Equipment for Optimal Training

The Best Volleyball Practice Equipment for Optimal Training

At Sterling Volleyball, we are passionate about providing high-quality and affordable volleyball equipment to help athletes and teams reach their full potential. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to transform practices and accelerate skill development.

In this post, we’ll cover our recommendations for the best volleyball practice gear available on the market based on real customer experiences and feedback from top coaches.

Why Invest in Quality Volleyball Practice Equipment?

The right equipment allows you to maximize repetitions, work on technique, build muscle memory, enhance skills like passing accuracy, improve vertical leap through strength training, and so much more during practice sessions. Ultimately, this translates to better performance in games.

While basic equipment like volleyballs and nets get the job done, specialized gear tailored for high-rep drills takes training to the next level. Our customers find that the investment pays dividends quickly in the form of noticeable skill and confidence boosts in players after just a few months of focused training.

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Best Volleyball Practice Equipment

Here are our top picks to elevate your training:

Attack Volleyball Machine

The Attack volleyball machine delivers precise repetition for fundamental drills explicitly designed for the demands of the men’s game.

View Attack Volleyball Machine


  • Extra-wide dual throwing wheels for unparalleled accuracy
  • Easily adjustable trajectory and speed
  • Designed for high-intensity repetitive play
  • High-capacity ball holder
  • Portable on built-in transport wheels
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame built to last
  • Unmatched by lower-priced or multi-sport machines

With thousands of consistent contacts each session across serving, pass receiving, setting, hitting, blocking, and digging the Attack accelerates skill development rapidly. Coaches and athletes vouch for noticeable improvements within weeks when incorporating high-repetition machine training.

Attack II Volleyball Machine

Purpose-built for women’s volleyball with a lighter ball, the Attack II machine focuses on optimized trajectory and speed for the nuances of the women’s game across all fundamentals.

View Attack II Volleyball Machine


  • Dual extra-wide wheels tailored for lighter volleyballs
  • Quickly adjustable speed and ball trajectory
  • High ball capacity holder for extended drills
  • Transport wheels for portability
  • Heavy-duty steel frame and components
  • Unparalleled precision and consistency

When combined with focused coaching, Attack II translates high-intensity reps into enhanced technical skills, quicker reaction times, improved consistency, and greater confidence that carries over directly into game performance.

Skill Attack Volleyball Machine

As the perfect personal skill builder with professional quality repetition capabilities, the Skill Attack is a top choice for youth players and coaches looking to accelerate individual development with easy home use.

View Skill Attack Volleyball Machine


  • 5+ foot ball release height
  • Precise repetition for passing, setting, digging training
  • Mimics real serves and attacks
  • Compact yet rugged design
  • Easy to use with a self-feeding hopper
  • Folds for storage and transport

Serious young players looking to get a leg up invest in the Skill Attack for daily practice. Coaches use it for specialized position training at a fraction of the cost of full-sized machines.

Total Attack Volleyball Machine

Developed hand-in-hand with elite international coaches, the Total Attack adds sidespin capability and advanced speed/power to match Division 1 collegiate and international play for the most intense drills when precision matters at the highest skill levels.

View Total Attack Volleyball Machine


  • Triple wheel design adds sidespin.
  • Heavier-duty construction for intense play
  • Fully adjustable speed, trajectories, spins
  • Jam-resistant ball feeding
  • Extra-wide heavy-duty spin wheels
  • Rugged yet portable
  • Unmatched versatility to replicate any serve/attack

Top coaches trust Total Attack to deliver next-level intensive repetition training tailored to their advanced systems and athletes.

The Go Cart

The innovative portable solution for easy transport, secure storage, and no downtime drill setups.

View The Go Cart


  • Holds 12 volleyballs
  • Foldable design with zipper closure
  • Built-in handle and transport wheels
  • Durable, long-lasting materials
  • 1-year warranty

Take your gear anywhere quickly, neatly, and safely—the perfect companion for coaches on the go who need effective road-ready transport and training capabilities.

Top Cart/Drill Cart

Double your ball handling efficiency by pairing with the Big Cart to keep loads of balls up high for less bending and strain. But also a standalone solution for focused skill training needs.

View Top Cart/Drill Cart


  • Holds 15 balls
  • Shallow ball holding area
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Attaches securely to the Big Cart
  • Folds away for storage
  • Reduces back strain
  • Built-in handles

Coaches love using the Top Cart for specialized drills to accelerate skill development from bending over traditional carts without fatigue.

The Big Cart

The ultimate volleyball gear organizer is built for rugged durability, maximum customization options, and multi-purpose functionality across training, storage, and sponsor promotions.

View The Big Cart


  • 50 ball capacity
  • Zippered lockable lid
  • Heavy-duty steel tube construction
  • 1-year warranty
  • Ideal dimensions for portability
  • Built-in handles and wheels
  • Highly customizable panels

With incredible ball capacity and extreme durability for intense daily use, the Big Cart is the cornerstone gear organizer for gyms and teams serious about effective practices.

Ready to Take Your Training to the Next Level?

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