Volleyball Training Equipment for Skill Enhancement

Everyone knows the saying “practice makes perfect,” and every volleyball player and coach will assure you that this is true! Practice is important across high schools, colleges, and even club teams playing for fun, which is why having the best volleyball training equipment available is crucial. Here at Sterling Volleyball, we understand the importance of volleyball practice equipment, which is why we offer top-quality options. We have the Attack Volleyball Machine, Attack II Volleyball Machine, Skill Attack Volleyball Machine, and Total Attack Volleyball Machine available to you. Check out each of these options below by clicking the names of each machine for more information.

Explore Our Range of Volleyball Training Equipment

Every piece, from the Skill Attack Volleyball Machine to the Total Attack, utilizes advanced technology and durable materials for a training experience that is not only highly effective but also safe.


Attack Volleyball Machine

Master the attack with precision and adaptability. Features dual-speed motors for various serves and spikes, along with a durable design for safety.


Attack II Volleyball Machine

This machine offers a wider range of speeds and trajectories while maintaining safety and durability.


Skill Attack Volleyball Machine

Designed for focused skill development, equipped with non-marking casters and rapid ball-throwing wheels for relentless practice and improved reflexes.


Total Attack Volleyball Machine

Perfect for simulating real-game scenarios, it allows for comprehensive drills from serving to defensive plays, preparing players for any court challenges ahead.

Key Features Across Our Range

  • Durability and Quality: Built with powder-coated, rust-resistant steel and high-quality components to withstand rigorous training sessions.
  • Safety and Stability: Features like non-slip surfaces and wide bases ensure a safe training environment.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with variable speed motors and precise control mechanisms for consistent and accurate ball delivery.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for simple setup and adjustment, our machines are user-friendly, allowing coaches and players to focus on training.
  • Support and Service: Backed by our dedicated customer support team, ensuring you get the most out of your training equipment.

The Sterling Advantage

Let’s delve into how our equipment can transform your training sessions into a powerhouse of skill enhancement.

Unrivaled Quality and Durability

Our volleyball machines are built to last. With frames constructed from powder-coated, rust-resistant steel tubing, they are designed to withstand the rigors of intense, daily training sessions.

Stability and Precision

Stability is paramount in training equipment, and our machines are designed with this in mind. The extra-wide bases ensure real stability, and as the throwing head is raised, it moves towards the center of gravity, further enhancing this stability.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced Training

Our volleyball machines are equipped with two powerful variable-speed motors that directly drive the ball-throwing wheels. This design allows for almost instant recovery, providing rapid repetition without the wait time associated with air-powered launch systems. The Skill Attack Volleyball Machine, for instance, features two indestructible 5″ diameter ball-throwing wheels, ensuring a seamless training experience with no downtime.

Tailored Training Experience

Each of our volleyball machines offers unique features tailored to different aspects of volleyball training. Whether it’s the Attack Volleyball Machine’s focus on simulating a wide range of attacks or the Skill Attack Volleyball Machine’s design for precision skill development, our equipment is crafted to meet the diverse needs of volleyball players.

Mobility and Ease of Use

Understanding the dynamic nature of volleyball practice, our machines are designed for easy movement and setup. The Skill Attack Volleyball Machine, for example, is mounted on a sturdy tripod with lockable, non-marking casters, allowing for quick repositioning with minimal effort.

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