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volleyball practice equipments

There is a lot that goes into a successful volleyball practice session, including having the right equipment that will help you get the most out of your efforts. Whether you run a team or are an individual player, the practice tools you use go a long way toward fostering sustained skill improvement development. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 8 of the top volleyball practice equipment pieces that you should consider including in your repertoire.

Volleyball Net System

The first piece of essential volleyball practice equipment is one that you will not get far without, especially if you are conducting team volleyball practices. A complete volleyball net system is at the core of any productive team scrimmage, which is why you should begin by getting one that has all the elements you need. Before we proceed to the next equipment item on our list, we’ll give you a better idea of what those key volleyball net system elements are.



Volleyball poles are the feature responsible for giving your net system its structure. Within each system, you’ll need two poles, one on either side of the court, each of which must be reliable and structurally sound. But while poles need to be durable, the best options tend to be lightweight as well. That combination of durability and low weight makes volleyball poles able to last a long time while being easy to set up, store, and carry.



Along with the poles, the net completes the main features of a volleyball net system that allow for a game to be played. Like the poles, the net you use should also consist of dependable materials that won’t rip easily. Nets that use webbing instead of knots and have reinforced corners often last the longest. The best nets also are also easy to attach and detach from your poles. That last trait is especially important for those who conduct practices in shared spaces where they must set up and disassemble their net systems after each one.

E Series Volleyball Antennas, part of the Sterling Volleyball Net System


Although they are not what you imagine first when picturing a volleyball net system, antennae are a very important element that you should include. Volleyball antennae connect to each end of the net and extend vertically up into the air above the net. The antennae allow players, coaches, and officials to easily see whether or not a ball is in or out of play when it travels over the net. If you want to mimic the reality of a volleyball game during your practices, a set of antennae is something you need.

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Pole Pads

Although they don’t contribute to the structural strength of your net system, pole pads are just as important as any other component. Pole pads are the best way to keep players safe if they accidentally run into a pole chasing a ball in the out-of-bounds area. Also, pole pads are a requirement in official volleyball games, which is all the more reason to include them in your set of practice equipment.

Ball Rebounder

While the first item on our list is a requirement for team practice, this next item is ideal for those who want the chance to engage in some solo volleyball practice. For players, a ball rebounder is a simple but perfect piece of volleyball training equipment.

Volleyball ball rebounders essentially act as miniature trampolines. Each time send a ball into the rebounder, it will bounce back and return to you. This makes it easy for individual player to practice their serving stroke repeatedly or perform other drills to improve their skills during times outside of team practices.

Volleyball Serving Machine

The volleyball serving machines is perhaps the most impressive of all the top volleyball practice equipment we’ll mention. These machines can launch volleyballs while applying spin and reaching some impressive serving speeds of 70 MPH or more.

However, while the speed and spin abilities of a volleyball serving machine are impressive, the most valuable aspect of these machines for practice purposes is consistency. If you want to practice serve-receiving techniques, the natural errors and inconstancies that a human server will make can become a challenge to your progress. A serving machine eliminates that issue by giving you a perfect serve every time.

Volleyball serving machines require a larger investment than many of the other pieces of volleyball equipment we’re presenting here. But after buying one of your own, you may find it is well worth the upfront cost.

Still, given that cost, it is important to select the right volleyball serving for you from the get-go. Volleyball machines come in many different varieties, including versions that are tailored for men’s and women’s practice.

Tethered Volleyball Trainer

Tethered volleyball trainers often come in one of two forms. The first is a variety that you can attach to your waist. One end of the tether will attach to a comfortable waist strap while the other is connected to the ball. This setup allows you to practice serving on your own without having to follow the ball or bring a large collection of balls with you to practice.

The other main kind of tethered volleyball trainer is one that you hang from above. You can connect these trainers to the ceiling or to a structure like a basketball hoop. With the ball dangling down but still above your head height, you can practice spiking your spiking technique all on your own.

Target Net

There are plenty of attributes that a top-level volleyball player must have, and accuracy is among them. Whether you are serving or attempting to return the ball to a specific area of the court, how accurately you can control the ball will determine your success.

One of the best ways to improve your accuracy in volleyball is with a target net. Target nets are exactly what they sound like. Set up one or more target nets on your court so you can tell when you are hitting the mark and when you are not. That way, your practice will be more focused, and your success in improving your accuracy will be easier to measure.

Spike Blocker

Accuracy in volleyball is not only about getting the ball to end up where you want. At times you’ll also need to send the ball past defenders that are blocking right above the net. Of course, practicing this scenario will help you improve, but it can be difficult if you don’t have tall friends or teammates with you to act as blockers.

Spike blockers can be the best piece of volleyball equipment to use in those scenarios. Have someone hold the spike blocker near certain areas of the net to recreate the feeling of sending the ball past the opposing team’s players.


Ball Carts

Part of what helps a practice run smoothly has a way to keep your volleyballs neat and organized so that they are not always rolling all over the floor. For those purposes, a ball cart is the piece of volleyball equipment you need.

Some ball carts are larger and better for storing many volleyballs at once. Others have a smaller carrying capacity but are more lightweight and perfect for setting up drills.

While ball carts are straightforward volleyball items, they do have a few features you should evaluate before you select one. Mainly, you should consider the volume of the cart you need and match it to the number of volleyballs you typically use for practice. It can also be very convenient to find volleyball carts that are easy to break down and transport. That way, you’ll have an easy way to manage your volleyballs no matter where you hold practice.

Coaching Tower

A coaching tower is by no means a necessity when it comes to volleyball practice. However, this kind of equipment can help bring the quality of your practices to a new level.

One of the most effective ways to use a coaching tower is as a platform from which you can launch the ball into play during team scrimmages and solo drills. The elevated surface gives you free rein to send the ball to any part of the court while working on specific skills and team sequences.

Along with that, the coaching tower is also a perfect way to get a fresh perspective on your team’s play. By elevating yourself above the team, you’ll essentially have a bird’s-eye-view of the action, which could allow you to notice tendencies and areas to improve on that you might not otherwise have noticed.


How to Find All the Top Volleyball Practice Equipment You Need

Clearly, there is a lot of volleyball practice equipment that can help improve a team or individual player’s overall skills. However, to get the most out of the equipment you use, you need to find a supplier that is known in the volleyball world for providing quality products. If you are ready to find equipment that will help you get more out of your volleyball practices than ever before, contact us today.

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