How to Attach a Volleyball Net to Your Volleyball Poles

A volleyball net in a gymnasium that has been successfully attached to the volleyball poles

Attaching the net to the poles is a crucial step in setting up your volleyball net system for use. Once your volleyball poles have been completely inserted in the volleyball floor sleeves, make sure the pulley wheels on top of the poles are aligned with the centerline of the court. Refer to this detailed guide for the process of properly attaching a volleyball net to the poles to ensure top-tier performance.

Unfolding and Inspecting the Volleyball Net

Carefully unfold the volleyball net, ensuring that it is free of damage or wear. Inspect the net’s top cable to ensure that it is in good condition free of tears or fraying of the outer sheathing. If the cable is in poor condition, please contact Sterling Volleyball for a replacement cable, and instructions to properly replace the cable.

Attaching the Volleyball Net to the Poles: Step by Step

    • Step 1: Using the pull pins on the volleyball poles, adjust height of pole to desire playing height. 

    • Step 2: Stretch out the volleyball net on the ground between the poles with the metal formed loop top cable end toward the non-ratchet pole. Slide the metal formed loop over the static hook while placing the cable in the valley of the pulley wheel. 

    • Step 3: Repeat the process for the ratchet volleyball pole, and tie a knot in the top cable to be attached to the ratchet. Turn the ratchet to the right to tighten the net. Use the rope ratchet to tighten the bottom cable. 

    • Step 4: Center the net, pull the net so it is centered on the volleyball court. The net is 32 feet long, and the court is 30 feet wide, there should be approximately 1 foot of net past the sideline of the court on each side. Use the side ties to tension and secure the net in place. Add an antenna on the sidelines of the net. 

    • Step 5: Measure the net for competition by using a tape measure, or an official change to check proper net height at the center of the volleyball court. The middle of the net should be the exact height. The rules allow for a ¾” rise of the sidelines of the court. Readjust net if needed by tightening the ratchet, or using different height adjustment holes on the poles.

Net Heights

Junior Girls: 7 Feet

High School and College Women’s: 7 Feet 4-⅛”

High School and College Men’s: 7 Feet 11-⅝” 

And that’s it! You’ve just set up your volleyball net.

Ensuring the Best Volleyball Equipment for Your Team

If it wasn’t obvious, attaching a volleyball net to your poles is a vital step in setting up your volleyball sports equipment for competitive play. By following this detailed guide and investing in top-quality equipment, you can create a safe and efficient playing environment for your middle school, high school or club. Explore Sterling Volleyball’s offerings to find the perfect equipment for your team’s needs. Sterling Volleyball offers the best volleyball equipment, including poles, nets, and accessories, to ensure your athletes can perform at their highest level. Contact us today!

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