How to Make the Best Volleyball Net for Competition

A volleyball player holding a volleyball in front of a volleyball net that has been tightened and optimized for competitive play

Whether you’re practicing or playing a game, having a tight volleyball net is essential for fair play, safety, and aesthetics. In this article, we’ll provide tips and techniques for making a volleyball net tight while using the best volleyball net systems and equipment for volleyball.

The Importance of a Tight Net

A tight volleyball net is essential for fair play, safety, and aesthetics. A net that is loose can impact gameplay, causing unfair advantages for one team over another. A loose net can also pose a safety hazard for players, increasing the risk of injury. Additionally, a tight volleyball net provides a professional and polished look to the court, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the game and your playing venue.

Adjusting a Volleyball Net

Adjusting the tension, height, and position of a volleyball net can help tighten it up. Here’s how to adjust your volleyball net:

  1. Tension: If the net is sagging in the middle, increase the tension by tightening the guy wires or adjusting the ratchet on the volleyball net poles. If the net is too tight, loosen the guy wires or ratchet.
  2. Height: If the net is too low or too high, adjust the height of the net by loosening or tightening the net tension and moving the volleyball net poles up or down.
  3. Position: If the net is too far to one side or the other, adjust the position of the volleyball net poles by moving them closer to or further away from the center of the court.

Using a Volleyball Net Crank

A volleyball net crank is a useful tool for quickly and easily adjusting the tension of the net. At Sterling Volleyball, our E-Series Ratchet with detachable crank handle makes tightening nets a breeze: 

  1. Insert the handle or wrench into the net pole.
  2. Rotate the handle or wrench to adjust the tension of the net.


Making a volleyball net tight is essential for fair play, safety, and aesthetics. From adjusting the tension and height of the net to using a volleyball net crank and tying the top of the net correctly, these techniques can help you achieve a professional-looking court that will play smoothly. When it comes to finding the best volleyball equipment, Sterling Volleyball has you covered. Reach out to us today and get your team the competitive advantage they deserve.

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